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Fair Oaks Family Taekwondo is committed to inspiring and empowering you to reach your full potential.

Our mission is to bring the best practical and accredited Taekwondo program to the Carmichael area. While giving you the tools you need to defend yourself, maintain great health, and become the best version of yourself for a successful life

Fair Oaks Family Taekwondo has earned the reputation in Carmichael, as well as Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, of being the top martial arts school for enriching our students’ lives and equipping them to face life with the winning edge.

Our Taekwondo program is a traditional Korean Taekwondo program known for it’s awesome kicking. Our focus is on practical self-defense and the character development of our students. Fair Oaks Family Taekwondo is KUKKIWON Certified school and has Black Belts recognized through the Korea Taekwondo MooDukKwan Association. The KUKKIWON & MooDukKwan are the gold standard for Taekwondo and we are pleased to teach using a structured teaching system that creates successful Taekwondo practitioners. Our students upon attaining black belt gain both KUKKIWON & MooDukKwan rank which are recognized worldwide!

Master Brian Kropp

Master Brian Kropp began his Taekwondo journey at the age of seven when his parents asked him about what sports he wanted to play. “I don’t want to play a contact sport” was his answer… That’s right because Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers don’t often get tackled in their fight for good!

Oh the thought process of a seven year old! Flash forward, and Master Kropp has over 20 years in training Taekwondo with over 15 years teaching hundreds of students to earn their own black belts.

Now a 6th Degree Black Belt, Master Kropp’s guiding purpose is to build strong, interdependent people, capable of massive success in life.  

That belief and mission requires the Taekwondo school to operate like an extended family for the students, sharing in triumphs, achievements, as well as the ups and downs during life.

Brian Kropp


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What people are saying about Fair Oaks Family Taekwondo

Taryn B.
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“Our daughter started at a different studio a few years ago. I think she has received a higher quality of training in 2 months of being here than she had in 2 years at the other place. The instructor is so patient and thorough but he still makes sure it is fun, particularly for the younger ones. The other children and adults in the class are disciplined, helpful and kind. We couldn't be happier!”
Kimberly A.
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“I loved the self defense class. I learned some new things, like instead of yelling help, yell fire instead. Learned what a philtrum is, and some basic strikes and breaks. Looking forward to future classes. Thank you Master Brian!”
Jordan Robinson
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“Master Kropp is by far one of the best instructors around! Will take the time and help each Individual student with each part of whatever they are learning! From beginner to experienced, young to old, he takes time time and cares for each student!”

Fair Oaks Family Taekwondo

Although many people think the martial arts are just about fighting, the truth is that the physical “kicking and punching” are really just the tools that I use to teach the more important, and MUCH more valuable lessons about yourself.

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